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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hey Ladies I have some good news to share with you all, First I want to thank Ladies who has purchase some of Dhair Boutique high quality virgin hair ,and for those who email/phone me it's has been my pleasure to assist you all. Hope i answer each and every question if not it's never to late to email us at dhairboutique88@yahoo.com and I will respond at my earliest convenience. Second, i want to get out the bad news due to our recent sale We have SOLD out a lot of different inches mainly our 14-16 inch we are in the process taking care of that issue. If you email Me I can let you know upfront what inches are available or if you like for me to contact you via email or by phone whenever we receive our new shipment.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


First I will like to apologize for the inconvenience with not providing you Ladies our price list, If you will look to the far right column you will see a link were its says Introductory Prices.However Dhairboutique is an upcoming business, we currently do not own a website everything is in process. For the time being you can purchase your hair through PayPal. Once The payment has cleared from your account and Paypal has confirm your address, I will ship out your hair within 24 to 48 Hrs. which can  take up to 3-5 business day to receive.Processing your payment with pay pal is Safe, Secured and Easy. No you do not have to have a pay pal account to process your order. Once i send you an invoice it will link you direct to process your transaction. If there anything else you all will like to know please email us your question/concerns to dhairboutique88@yahoo.com

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So you  Ladies wanted to see pictures of our Virgin Hair Up close, we'll here you have it.  Hope you guys can see the texture and Quality up close. For those who have questions on purchasing/questions and concerns please email us at dhairboutique88@yahoo.com Thank you

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hair Update: Ladies what do you think?

Of course this hair can hold curls, this picture was actually took at 12p.m. after my busy day out with my son, Shopping at the mall let's not forget running around in this HOT weather. Yes the curls drop but I still love the look  Ladies do you agree?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Up Close check how easily the hair blends with My natural Hair



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=KUIBy-Ql7rA If you haven't subscribe to her channel please do so. Many people ask can they do a review on my hair products and so forward and I really do love seeing people being interested. My main goals was to find someone who could UNDERSTAND, KNOWLEDGEABLE, NOT TOO COMMERCIAL BUT REALISTIC. Before sponsoring anybody those things are very important especially when you are reaching out to others,I thank her for that . No she was not paid to do an advertisement, some people feel as if sending or sponsoring someone to do a hair review meaning you offering bad Quality. We'll not here at Dhairbouitque QUALITY Is a must and Gaining trust with our Customers if a Plus. ONCE AGAIN THANKS DOLL!!!!!

After being washed/Detail of curls in the back (Tresemme Healthy Volume)

Hey Ladies, Good Tips for washing your virgin hair extensions  use less alcohol products that carry no sulfate. Try using products such as Tresemme, Garnier Fructis and Herbal Essence etc. For long lasting results twist your  hair and wrap with silk bonnet and after a typical wash  plat hair and let air dry.


In this picture I'm rocking Virgin Indian Natural wave, To pop off My Taylor Swift curls it's best to purchase a curling want at your local supply store. Curling Wands are perfect for creating  that Sexy, Wild, and Dangerous look.

First Intial install

How could i forget to add this picture, Look at those amazing waves! 14to 16 and 16 to 18 Two bundles(glued)

Frequently ask Questions

What Wave Patterns Currently In stock?

Currently we only have the Virgin Indian Natural Wave pattern in stock. We do have a new wave pattern scheduled to arrive and be able for disbursement within the next week. If you subscribe to www.dhairboutique.blogspot.com it will have information pertaining to when the new and current wave patterns are available.

Is this real virgin hair?

 The hair offered at DhairBoutique has not be dyed, bleached, permed, or straightened, it also has not been chemically treated by any means. And we only buy from reputable vendors. At DhairBoutique we pride ourselves on providing quality, and durable hair.

Why are the prices so cheap?

DhairBoutique is a up and coming business and thrives on offering customers hair at a reasonable price. The price and special that is currently running is a introductory price. Prices are as listed for the current time period.


First off i will like to Thank you guys for your support. Dhair boutique is very amaze by the inquiries and feedback we have been receiving about our hair company. Our main goal is to offer top Quality hair for a reasonable price and being HONEST with our Customers. Honesty and Quality there no way we could go Wrong. With that being said I will like to also inform you guys that I'm running Dhair Boutique by myself, if you guys can be patience with me I will make sure, to answer everyone inquires in a timely manner. :-)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Hair Update on our Virgin Indian Natural Wave. Ladies if you have pics please send them to dhairboutique88@yahoo.com We would love to share with everyone, how amazing Dhair Boutique offer good quality to there customers.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Customer No.5

Of Course this hair can be dyed

Happy Customer No.4

Our Virgin Indian Natural Wave, At Dhair Boutique Quality is a Must.

Virgin Indian Natural Wave

Lavish Lengths Range from 14-22 inches Get Yours Today

Happy Customer No. 3

Our Virgin Indian Natural Wave fits under our straight hair category however it can be worn in different styles. This hair is very versatile that is why many of our customers love it.

Virgin Indian Natural Wave Results after a Typical Wash

Of course this hair can be washed and keep its same luster and natural look.

Happy Customer No.2

One of our Customers wearing Virgin Indian Natural Wave aprox. 2 bundles of hair.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Virgin Indian Natural Wave

Virgin Indian Natural wave fits under our straight hair category. For ladies who love to wear there hair versatile this would be best for you.

Happy Customer

Happy Customer wearing Virgin Indian Natural Wave

Virgin Indian Natural Wave

Virgin Indian Wave Represents our non-color treated Indian Hair. It has a natural soft wave pattern when it comes package and is typically worn straight. This hair has not be processed or dyed. When shampooed and condition, it does lose it’s wave but it retains the natural gloss and virgin silk texture that you desire.